How the urban design for Quayside evolved in response to public feedback

24th July 2019

Drawing people outdoors at Parliament Plaza

The proposed 6,000-square-metre Parliament Plaza would provide a stirring entrance to a reimagined waterfront, drawing people through a vibrant open plaza towards Parliament Slip. (Sidewalk Labs)

Facilitating recreation for all ages at Silo Park and Parliament Cove

The proposed 5,000-square-metre Silo Park — framed by the Victory Soya Mills silos and sheltered by abundant trees — would be the green heart of Quayside. (Sidewalk Labs)

Connecting people to the water at Parliament Slip

Parliament Slip and a new Parliament Cove would provide direct access to the water for a range of activities. (Sidewalk Labs)

Using technology to bring people together

While we started from the perspective of creating a great place, we also thought about how to apply new technology, where necessary, to support this vision.

Three ways public feedback improved the design

During the broader public engagement process, Torontonians shared many design priorities for the public realm in Quayside, including the need for accessible amenities, diverse programming, and connections to nature and water. To get further perspectives from residents who aren’t always included in public consultations, Sidewalk Labs commissioned a design-research study of the experiences diverse Torontonians seek in open spaces.