Join Sidewalk Labs on Saturday, June 16, from noon to 6 p.m. as we open “307,” a new public workshop at Quayside.

We’ve transformed an old fish processing plant and parking lot into an experimental work space — 307 is where we will work every day, and it will be open every weekend to the public. We’re excited to co-create and share our explorations with you as the project evolves.

Who Is Invited?

You! And anyone else you know who is interested in the past and future of Toronto. RSVP by clicking the REGISTER button right here on this page.

Come See Explorations-in-Progress

We’re excited to kick off 307 with our first “Open Sidewalk,” a monthly event series designed for people of all ages and abilities that will feature prototypes, performances, workshops, and other activities. Inside and outside we’ll be exploring some of the ideas that could become part of this future neighbourhood and establishing an open venue for community co-creation.

Some of the Prototypes You’ll See at the First Open Sidewalk
  • The Dynamic Street tests modular pavement and lights that can be programmed to give more street space to pedestrians, more of the time.
  • Building Blocks explores flexible ways for communities to make outdoor furniture.
  • Navigating 307, a partnership with Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s ShopTalk program and BlindSquare, tests how Bluetooth beacons for the blind and visually impaired can help visitors navigate an ever-evolving space like 307.
  • Plan Your Neighbourhood explores a new data-driven approach to urban planning known as “generative design.”
Participate in Workshops and Talks

Each Open Sidewalk will have a core theme. We’re starting with the topic of Toronto’s history. Some of the performances and workshops will include:

  • Future Walks (3:30 pm) is a walking tour by Toronto artist Nicole Hurtubise that focuses on unearthing the histories of Toronto/Tkaronto at sites across the waterfront.
  • The Myseum (all day) is the museum of the people of Toronto, and will bring the MyseumCollects series to Open Sidewalk to gather ephemera and stories from Torontonians on urban mobility.
  • RWDI and PARTISANS (1:30 pm), leading Toronto-based environmental engineers and architects, will hold a workshop on how historical weather data can help design spaces that respond to nature and the seasons.
  • Iris Häussler (3:00 pm), a Toronto artist best known for her fictional works of history, will have a conversation Theory of Everything’s Benjamen Walker on how fact and fiction can creatively come together to reflect upon urban histories and futures.
  • All day, Toronto’s fireball DJ/Producer Ticky Ty will be on stage, and the day will culminate in a collaboration between Ticky Ty and First Nations Dancers EJ Kwandibens, Sagatay, and Nicole Leveck.
Eat and Drink

Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be served all day through our Market 307, led by Scadding Court Community Centre. Vendors will include Gushi, Pierogi Me!, and Jammy Dodger. They will have vegetarian and vegan options.

Getting to 307

307 is located at 307 Lake Shore Boulevard East (at the base of Queens Quay East and Parliament Street). There are a number of options for getting there:

  • Bus: 307 is accessible by TTC on the 72B Pape.
  • Wheel-trans: A designated drop-off/pick-up point can be found on the east side of Small Street, between Parliament Street and Lake Shore Boulevard East.
  • Bike Share: We’re thrilled to announce that there will be a Bike Share Toronto station right on site, located at Parliament and Lake Shore Boulevard East.
  • More Bike + Car Parking: Parking is available at 333 Lake Shore Boulevard East (enter from Parliament St), right across the street from 307; bikes free, cars $10.
  • 307 Accessibility: The front entrance to 307 has an incline ramp and assistive railings. Select washrooms are wheelchair accessible. ASL will be available for the stage programming. Please reach out to our team at should you have any questions about accessibility.
Who Is Behind 307 and Open Sidewalk?

307 and Open Sidewalk are a massive collaboration with many extraordinary new friends and partners from Toronto, Canada, and around the world. The architectural transformation of the 307 building has been led by Lebel and Boulaine and Govan Brown. Daily Tous Les Jours and illustrator Cecile Gariepy are the designers behind the identity of the building and our flexible system for experimentation. The Bowery Project have created the outdoor learning garden. The Dynamic Street prototype is designed with Carlo Ratti Associati Carlo Ratti Associati. The Plan Your Neighbourhood prototype is designed with KPFUI and Daily Tous Les Jours. Plus, Ya Bikes! and Charlie’s Freewheels join Bike Share Toronto at 307’s Bike Station, where you will be able to add LEDs and other colourful, crazy touches to your ride.

Full Program Schedule
  • 12:00 PM: Open Sidewalk starts, and Market 307, Bike Station/Hack Your Ride, Ticky Ty’s DJ set and all of our explorations-in-progress open up and kick off
  • 12:30 PM: Welcome remarks from Sidewalk Toronto and a blessing of our Learning Garden from Adrian Levesque of Anishnawbe Health Toronto (Location: Stage/the Learning Garden)Bowery Project Pollinator Planting (Location: The Learning Garden).
  • 1:00 PM: Myseum Collects: Bicycle Transportation (Location: Myseum Tent); Future Walks: Mobile Community Conversations with Nicole Hurtubise (Location: Meet at the stage)
  • 1:30 PM: PARTISANS / RWDI Design Workshop (Location: Inside)
  • 2:00 PM: Myseum Collects: Railway Transportation and The Sleeping Car Porters (Location: Myseum Tent)
  • 3:00 PM: Myseum Collects: Automotive Transportation and the TTC (Location: Myseum Tent); The Urban Imagination: Benjamen Walker & Iris Haussler in conversation (Location: Inside)
  • 3:30 PM: Future Walks: Mobile Community Conversations with Nicole Hurtubise (Location: Meet at the stage)
  • 4:00 PM: Myseum Collects: Ferry Transportation (Location: Myseum Tent); Bike Share Toronto Bicycle Safety Workshop (Location: Bike Station)
  • 4:30 PM: Bike Share Toronto Neighbourhood Bike Ride (Location: Bike Station)
  • 5:00 PM: First Nations Dancers Nichole Laveck, Sagatay Kwandibens, and EJ Kwandibens join DJ Ticky Ty in a dance collaboration (Location: Stage)
Partners and Performers
  • Bowery Project: Bowery Project is a not-for-profit organization that designs, builds, and manages mobile urban farms all across downtown Toronto; growing food for local chefs/restaurants and charitable organizations, while engaging the community through fun, creative, and educational programming. For more on Bowery Project’s Learning Garden, check out our 307 page.
  • Adrien Levesque: Adrien Levesque, who will be blessing the Learning Garden, is also known as White Polar Bear Standing. Born in Mississauga, he is a mixture of French, Irish, and Cree/Dakota. His ancestors originate from Manitoba, and he is from the Thunderbird Clan. He currently is the Health Promoter at Anishnawbe Health Toronto and assists in bridging Western medicine and traditional practices.
  • Bike Share Toronto: Bike Share Toronto will be opening a brand new hub on site, adding to their network of over 270 stations and 2,750 bikes. Sidewalk Toronto is thrilled to have this enjoyable and cost-effective mobility option on Quayside.
  • Ya Bikes! Ya Bikes! joins Bike Share Toronto at 307’s Bike Station. Like their store on Queen Street, they’ll continue to offer two things: non-judgemental bike repair and the occasional joke. Their goal is to make sure your bike is safe and roadworthy.
  • Charlie’s Freewheels: Charlie’s Freewheels — a non-profit organization that’s on a mission to inspire a spirit of exploration using bicycles to mobilize, empower, and engage young people — will also be on site to help you hack your ride to your heart’s content: with LEDs and colourful, crazy touches.
  • Myseum of Toronto: Myseum of Toronto is your Toronto museum, and their programs and experiences showcase the history, spaces, culture(s), architecture, and people that represent Toronto’s unique place in the world. Myseum Collects at 307 invites members of the community to bring their transportation stories and objects to contribute to an online exhibit on Transportation in Toronto. Myseum will also be offering a family-friendly origami art-making activity, facilitated by VIBE Arts, an award-winning charitable organization committed to providing children and youth in under-resourced communities with high-quality community and school-based arts education.
  • Nicole Hurtubise: Nicole Hurtubise is the curator/founder of Future Walks, unconventional tours and explorations of urban histories. Her past work includes The Hearn Trail for Luminato, Making a Road in Melbourne, Australia, and The Peoples Tours, an early Australian podcast series comprising literal and conceptual tours of Melbourne art, music and politics.
  • PARTISANS: PARTISANS is an award-winning architecture studio that works at the intersection of design and programming, technology and craftsmanship, invention and activation. Executing at all scales and across various typologies, we are a diverse team of architects, artists, storytellers, entrepreneurs, and cultural enthusiasts that fights for a cause: high-performance design that strives to make the improbable possible.
  • RWDI: RWDI is a world-leading environmental engineering engineering firm here in Toronto. Their innovative work helps ensure projects fit their climatic context, identifying creative approaches to making the built environment safe, hospitable and sustainable.
  • Benjamen Walker: Benjamen Walker is the host of the podcast Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything. His work has aired on NPR, the BBC, the CBC and the ABC. He also produced Big Ideas, a philosophy podcast for The Guardian. He has been a guest speaker and fellow at various festivals and international institutions (Sydney Writers’ Festival, Les subsistances in Lyon, France, Poets House, Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, Oorzaken Festival in Amsterdam). He also has taught in the Journalism and Design program at the New School.
  • Iris Haussler: Iris Haussler is a Toronto-based artist known for her immersive installations revolving around fictitious stories. Visitors form their own meanings and interpretations of the lives of Häussler’s characters, and she often does not immediately reveal that her installations are contemporary artworks. Haussler was born in Germany and trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. She was a stipendiary of the Kunstfonds (Bonn), won the Karl Hofer Prize 1999 (Berlin), and in 2010 she was invited on the Cape Farewell (UK) High Arctic Expedition.
  • CNIB: The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) is a 100-year-old not-for-profit and Canada’s leading provider of support for people who are blind or partially sighted to have the confidence, skills, and opportunities to fully participate in life.
  • Scadding Court Community Centre: Scadding Court Community Centre is leading our Market 307. They are a local community center known for their innovative ideas—be it their entrepreneurial Market 707 or their aquaponics experiments. At Market 307, Scadding will be bringing in a host of vendors from their various markets and programs, including several vendors from the Newcomer Entrepreneurship Hub, a business incubator that helps New Canadians gain their footing in an unfamiliar market.
  • Gushi: From its humble beginnings as a popup restaurant as part of the Scadding Court Community Centre’s Market 707, Yamaguchi has grown Gushi into two locations in Toronto alongside a thriving summer business at Union Station’s Front Street Foods.
  • Pierogi Me! Originally from Poland, Pierogi Me!’s owner has been adapting pierogies for a Canadian market for over 13 years. Based in Hamilton, Pierogi Me! Is also a feature at markets across Ontario.
  • Jammy Dodger: Named after the popular British raspberry-jam-filled shortbread biscuit, Jammy Dodger is a women-owned bakery serving “treats made of whimsy and yum”: cookies, ice-cream sandwiches, and other sweets along with tea. Jammy Dodger is also known for making customizable cookie cutters with a bit of CAD, some magic, and a 3D printer.
  • EJ Kwandibens: EJ Kwandibens also known as Anikay-Keesic is a member of the Loon Clan and is of Northern Woodland Anishinaabe (Ojibway) descent from the Waahbiidaahgaah (Whitesand) First Nation community which is a part of the 1850 Treaty region located 21 hours north of Toronto; presently he resides in Toronto. ​​EJ is a Northern style traditional and grass dancer with approximately 35 years to his credit. EJ has designed and constructed Indigenous traditional apparel for approximately 30+ years. EJ credits his creative skills to his mother Elsie Kwandibens; who is a well respected Northern Woodland Anishinaabe Elder.
  • Sagatay Kwandibens: Sagatay Kwandibens is a northern style jingle / shawl dress dancer originating from the Whitesand First Nation community located 21 hours north of Toronto, presently residing in Toronto. Sagatay is of Ojibway/Cree/French decent and is a member of the lion clan. She has been dancing powwows since the age of 11 months. Sagatay performs dance demonstrations throughout the GTA and the province showcasing her pride for her culture.
  • Nichole Leveck: Nichole Leveck, Circling Hawk Women of the Eagle Clan. Nichole is of mixed ancestry, Wyandat and Scottish from Scarborough Ontario. A mother of 4 and currently a student in the Equity studies program in The University of Toronto. A Fancy Shawl dancer for over ten years, Nichole has facilitated dance classes at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Native Women’s resource centre and the Centre of Indigenous Theatre.
  • DJ/Producer Ticky Ty: If positive energy could be heard, you would hear and feel that rhythm radiating from Toronto’s fireball DJ/Producer Ticky Ty. She’s a queen of the scene with her unmistakable afro-puff and serving energetic intensity with every single set. “There’s no reason why you can’t feel and express the music just as much if not more than everybody on the dance floor!” says Ticky Ty of her signature style. “That’s why when I spin I’ll also dance, get on the mic, and act out the lyrics … whatever the mood calls for, I’ll answer with everything!” Once you see her, you never forget that unmistakable bounce!