We’re thrilled to be working with a variety of community partners that know and love Toronto as much as we do. Join in on one of these compelling events hosted by makers and doers from across the GTA.


Our Partner Stories


STEAMLabs is a not-for-profit education-innovation organization creating science and technology literacy and access in science centres, schools, libraries, and maker spaces through exploration and creativity. We believe that science and technology literacy and access enable individual creativity, the decentralization of innovation, and the participatory co-creation of the world we want tomorrow.

Maximum City 

Sidewalk Labs has begun working with Maximum City, a Toronto-based urban innovation, education, and consulting agency, to create a curriculum for students grades 7-12 to learn about the changing urban environment and build 21st century skills. Using the Sidewalk Toronto project as a user-centred, open-innovation ecosystem, students can learn from the innovations across all urban systems, including mobility, sustainability, buildings, and social infrastructure, and practice skills through real-world problem solving and design exercises. Modules will align with the standards set out by the Ministry of Education in the Province of Ontario across multiple subject areas. Five diverse Toronto public schools will use the curriculum in the 2018-2019 school year, and it is expected to be refined and published for use across the region in 2020, if proven successful.

Experiential Art with Art Spin Toronto

Since 2009 Art Spin has been activating decommissioned venues and unique public spaces to produce large scale group exhibitions and curated bicycle-led art tours. Bringing new creative content outside of a traditional gallery context and into unique, unorthodox spaces, the organization bridges the gap between the art world and the general public. Art Spin’s geographical route is just as curated as the artwork, and as a result neighbourhoods are temporarily transformed, with their inhabitants seeing familiar streets in a different light.

People sit, stand, and chat on a boat on a sunny day. Far behind them is the Toronto skyline.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Art Spin Toronto to help realize a waterfront full of newly commissioned public artworks that add ephemeral moments of magic to the urban experience. For the first time in its history, Art Spin is trading in its bikes for an arts-based tour of the waterways and inlets of Toronto Harbour and the Toronto Islands aboard the Tall Ship Kajama. Inspired by the waterfront surroundings of 307, this tour artfully explored a range of ideas around forced migration, the natural vs. re-naturalized waterways, and the fate of industry in the Port Lands through experiential dance, music, and site-specific installations. These are narratives we at Sidewalk Labs strive to discover and explore ourselves—with partners, like Art Spin, that know and love Toronto—as we move forward in the process of co-creating Quayside. (Visit the Art Spin Toronto homepage here.)

Scadding Court Community Centre’s Market 307

We’ve partnered with Scadding Court Community Centre to lead our Market 307 canteen. A local community center known for their innovative ideas—be it their entrepreneurial Market 707 or their aquaponics experiments—Scadding Court brings in a host of vendors from their markets and programs, including several vendors from the Newcomer Entrepreneurship Hub, a business incubator that helps New Canadians gain their footing in an unfamiliar market. The vendors are onsite for our Open Sidewalks, and are our preferred food and beverage vendors for our events—most notably they’re on deck every Tuesday at our Civic Tech Toronto meet ups. Some of the tasty options we’ve had so far have included KantoT&T RotiDesiDelightfully DeliciousNil’s Pocket BakeryGushiJammy Dodger, and Pierogi Me! (Visit the Scadding Court Community Centre homepage here.)

Bowery Project

Two concepts we’re exploring for Sidewalk Toronto are expanding education into the urban landscape and making the public realm more flexible. To advance both of these aims, we’ve partnered with Bowery Project—a not-for-profit organization that designs, builds, and manages mobile urban farms all across downtown Toronto—to create, maintain, and program our Learning Garden. Using inexpensive and surprisingly simple methods, the Bowery Project enlivens vacant spaces—in a literal sense, with growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers—and cultivates community through educational programs. Produce from the Bowery Project will be used by our vendors at Market 307 and a wide network of local organizations and restaurants. (Visit the Bowery Project homepage here.)

Artscape Ignite Program & Creative Entrepreneurship for New Canadians

At Sidewalk, we believe the creative expression of artists can transform an ordinary city into a great city. We’re thrilled to support Artscape with a new home while they put the finishing touches on their new Artscape Daniels Launchpad. Over the summer we hosted a few of their series and workshops, including their Ignite Series and their Creative Entrepreneurship for New Canadians Workshop. The former is an evening series for professionals to network and learn from experts in the field. The latter is a 40-hour, intensive bootcamp for creative newcomers to learn and incubate their ideas, helping them learn business skills and develop their own self-awareness to become effective entrepreneurs. (Visit the Artscape homepage here.)

Civic Tech Toronto

Each Tuesday from July through the end of September, we hosted Civic Tech Toronto’s weekly hack night, where the group met and worked on projects to make the city better through tech, data, and design. Civic Tech Toronto is an inclusive community of designers, coders, urban planners, government staff, mappers, policymakers, students, communications strategists, and engaged Torontonians of all sorts who share an interest in making Toronto more responsive, prosperous, sustainable and equitable. A few of the projects that have grown out Civic Tech Toronto’s community are Democracy Kit, Women and Color, and Toronto Mesh. (Visit the Civic Tech Toronto homepage here.)

Pop Up Exhibit: No.9’s Imagine my Sustainable Community

We hosted local, non-profit No.9 and their “Imagining My Sustainable City” exhibit on-site at 307 from June 30 through August 12. “Imagining My Sustainable City” is a program that empowers youth to transform the built world around them through immersive, hands-on, educational programs. The exhibition included physical and digital models created over the summer through No.9’s Digital Camp. (Visit the No. 9 homepage here.)