Over 660 young Torontonians submitted applications, which were then reviewed by a panel of four experts in urban planning, public policy, and technology.

Our twelve Fellows have a range of perspectives, skills, and educational backgrounds. They come from all over Toronto, and have different experiences of living here. They share a clear commitment to community-building as well as a curiousity about how cities work, and they are eager to explore the ways technology can help Toronto meet its current and future challenges.

We will be introducing the Fellows in more depth in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at who they are:

  • Althea, 23. Althea works in asset management and has experience working on Indigenous community development projects.
  • Arnel, 21. Arnel is an architecture student and designer with an interest in digital design and robotic fabrication.
  • Betty, 23. Betty is a researcher in public and social sector innovation who has worked with local and international health organizations.
  • Candice, 22. Candice studied urban planning, and she promotes civic engagement and social justice through her involvement in a variety of community groups.
  • Carol, 21. Carol is studying engineering and has worked on a variety of technology projects. She has a passion for integrating technology into urban life.
  • Hana, 19. Hana is studying Health Sciences and has previously studied contemporary art. She is interested in how the design of a neighbourhood can promote health in cities.
  • Helen, 24. Helen is a data scientist, poet, advocate for women in STEM, and a mathematics graduate.
  • Keisha, 21. Keisha studies political science and urban studies and is an advocate for housing and affordability issues in Toronto.
  • Paul, 21. Paul is an engineering science student who is currently completing a co-op in management consulting. In his spare time, he works on projects that deliver answers to data science challenges.
  • Sachin, 23. Sachin is a graduate student in urban planning with an interest in affordable housing and mixed-use, transit-oriented suburban development. He is also involved in promoting equity and tackling diversity issues at his university
  • Sharly, 23. Sharly is a graduate student in information studies who is studying privacy and digital policy advocacy in Canada.
  • Will, 23. Will is a policy analyst with experience working in various provincial government departments in the areas of social enterprise and finance, digital government, and evidence-based infrastructure planning.

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Thank you to everyone who applied for the program. There will still be many ways to get involved in the Sidewalk Toronto project this year, including multiple events at the Sidewalk Toronto office, opening this summer.