Public Roundtable #2

We will share updates and work with you to start shaping the details.

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On May 3, Sidewalk Toronto hosted its second in a series of public roundtable meetings meant to provide updates on our plans to create a new kind of neighbourhood on Toronto’s waterfront and to work alongside Toronto residents to explore new ideas for creating a healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable approach to urban living.

During this second roundtable meeting, participants:

  • Heard what we learned during the first roundtable discussion in March (see the Summary Report)
  • Gave feedback on our recently released Responsible Data Use Framework.
  • Entered into moderated conversation about three topics: affordable housing, mobility, and data use.

You can find a feedback report, summarizing what we heard at the individual roundtable discussions.

  • Rit Aggarwala, Head of Urban Systems, Sidewalk Labs
  • John Brodhead, Director of Policy and Strategy, Sidewalk Labs
  • Meg Davis, Chief Development Officer, Waterfront Toronto
  • Alyssa Harvey Dawson, Head of Legal, Sidewalk Labs
  • Kristina Verner, Vice President, Innovation, Sustainability & Prosperity, Waterfront Toronto

We have made important updates to the Sidewalk Toronto project. Learn more.