Reference Panel #3

The Sidewalk Toronto Residents Reference Panel holds its third meeting.

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New neighbourhoods, like we imagine at Quayside, are too important and too complex to be designed in isolation. The more voices, perspectives, and ideas that come to the table, the better.

The Sidewalk Toronto Residents Reference Panel consists of 36 volunteers from households across the city who will meet over six Saturdays throughout the year to examine our work and help shape our thinking.

Agenda for Meeting #3

Welcome & Updates
Peter MacLeod, Chair, Sidewalk Toronto Residents Reference Panel

Urban Issues Panel: Housing and Community
Leslie Gash, Vice President of Development, Waterfront Toronto

Urban Issues Panel: Public Realm
Jesse Shapins, Director of Public Realm, Sidewalk Labs

Issues Discussion
Panel members


Values Discussion
Panel members

Issues Discussion
Panel members

We have made important updates to the Sidewalk Toronto project. Learn more.