We’re commissioning exciting new research about cities.

Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs in partnership with the Toronto Foundation are providing small research grants to support and enrich the creation of their Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) for Sidewalk Toronto.

After publishing a call for proposals from Ontario-based researchers, and receiving many strong applications, we have chosen 10 great projects across a variety of subject areas — from active transportation to modular construction to waste diversion. The list of funded projects, along with the associated universities and topics to be addressed, are as follows:

  • Measurement of quality of life, happiness, and well-being at the neighbourhood level, from McMaster University, addressing topic 16: Neighbourhood wellbeing
  • Zero-Effort In-home Health Monitoring Using IoT Technology, from School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo, addressing topic 14: In-home and in-community health technologies
  • Smart Communities as Platform Co-operatives, from Faculty of Design, OCAD, addressing topic 12: Canadian models of community governance
  • Modular Construction: Saving Cost and Time beyond Project Initiation, from Dept. of Civil and Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto, addressing topic 6: Modular construction
  • Housing Typology Innovations, from Faculty of Design, OCAD University, addressing topic 23: Toronto housing innovation and topic 24: Global housing innovation
  • Culture Creates Bonds, from Visual Analytics Laboratory, OCAD University, addressing topic 19: Community Bonds
  • Urban Parks as Habitat Networks: Promoting Resident Wellbeing Through Biodiverse Greenspace, from School of Architecture, University of Waterloo, addressing topic 16: Neighbourhood wellbeing
  • Privacy of Bike Counting Technologies: An Analysis, from Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, University of Ottawa, addressing topic 1: Bicycle-counting technology
  • Improving Waste Diversion Rates, from School of Environment, Enterprise and Development, University of Waterloo, addressing topic 17: Garbage diversion messaging
  • The Evolving Neighbourhood Retail Landscape in Toronto, from School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University, addressing topic 21: History of retail/street commerce