How the urban design for Quayside evolved in response to public feedback

BLOG · July 17 2019

How our ‘Toronto Tomorrow’ proposal recognizes the strong central role of government

The 'Toronto Tomorrow' proposal calls for a strong and coordinated government agency or public entity to oversee the implementation of the plan.

BLOG · June 24 2019

5 things to know about the Sidewalk Toronto plan

Sidewalk Labs CEO, Dan Doctoroff details the five points you need to know about Toronto Tomorrow, our plan for inclusive growth for Toronto’s waterfront.

BLOG · May 8 2019

Toronto Residents Shape A New Neighbourhood

Read about the Sidewalk Toronto Residents Reference Panel and their report.

BLOG · February 14 2019

Sidewalk Toronto Project Update

A project update from Sidewalk Labs CEO, Dan Doctoroff.

BLOG · January 31 2019

Co-Designing a More Accessible Community

Read about the Sidewalk Toronto draft accessibility principles and the co-design process with local communities.

BLOG · January 23 2019

Creating a Pathway to Climate Positive Communities

With Quayside, Sidewalk Labs is proposing to plan, build, and operate the first climate positive community in North America.

Blog · January 10 2019

Building the Backbone of Connectivity

A summary of Sidewalk Labs' presentation to Waterfront Toronto's Digital Strategy Advisory Panel in February 2019.

Blog · December 15 2018

CommonSpace: A New Digital Tool for Public Life Studies

Introducing CommonSpace, a new prototype digital application to understand how people use public space.

Blog · December 7 2018

How Quayside Will Make Data Work for Toronto — and Protect it

An update on privacy and data governance proposed for Quayside.